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Manufacturing on Demand. From prototyping to production empowering online additive manufacturing

Manufacturing on Demand.
From prototyping to production impowering online additive manufacturing.

Online Manufacturing On Demand

3D Printing

CNC Machining


HD Prototyping

Get quality parts fast and safe

  • Upload your design file.

  • ​Choose technology, material, and service.

  • ​Get a quote and place your order.

New Faster & Cleaner UI

The editor has been completely redesigned to be cleaner, easier to read, and a lot faster. Now you can edit in half the time...

Drag & Drop Functionality 

You can now drag and drop elements, rows, and sections right on the page any where you want it right from the side panel...

Mobile Preview In Editor

Preview what your page looks like on mobile right from inside of the editor. New tools and options allow you to make the perfect mobile version of your page...

Redesign Editing Side Panel

The editing panel for editing have been redesigned and cleaned up. Separated into three parts. Settings, Themes, and advanced to make it easier to find what you need...

New Typography Settings

More tools and options to globally edit the look and feel of your sales content. Themes have been added to instantly give a new look to your page...

New Editor App System

Editor apps allows the ClickFunnels team and 3rd party developers to create new features a lot faster. More docs about this coming soon...

Supercharge Your Custom Parts

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • ​Buyer Protection (NDA)

  • Quality Assurance

  • ​Large Network Capacity

Custom Design & Prototyping

Convert your 2D design ideas to 3D manufacturing ready parts. Solidworks, AutoCAD, 3DS max and more.

  • 3D CAD Design & Printable Files
  • ​3D Modelling / Rendering 
  • ​2D Image to 3D Conversion

3D Printing Materials

  • Resins

  • ​Metals

  • Nylons

  • ​Polymers

Injection Molding

The most-used manufacturing processes across multiple industries done in-house by top professionals.

  • Tool & Mold Design

  • ​Plastic Manufacturing

  • Large Production Capacity

  • ​Lifetime Warranty

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